Attorney William Troupe speaks at MCLE Workers’ Compensation Seminar on topic of “Benefit Enhancers”

Every year, the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) hosts a one-day seminar focused on Workers’ Compensation Practice in Massachusetts.  The day is broken into several sessions focusing on relevant topics in Workers’ Compensation Practice, both in Massachusetts as well as on the national level.  Attorney William H. Troupe of the Troupe Law Office was once again asked to speak on the panel dealing with Benefit Enhancers.

This panel deals with a very important topic under the Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Law.  M.G.L. Chapter 152 provides only a limited amount of benefits to an injured worker.  However, it is important for any practitioner of Workers’ Comp law, to familiarize themselves with the various ways in which these benefits can be increased or maximized as much as possible.  Some common examples are concurrent employment, prevailing wage claims, Section 35B, etc.

Joining him on this panel were two Judges at the Department of Industrial Accidents:  Hon. David G. Braithwaite, and Hon. William C. Harpin.  Also on the panel were two experienced Workers’ Compensation practitioners:  Alan S. Pierce, Esq., and Mark H. Likoff, Esq.

It is very important to contact an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation law as soon as possible following a work injury.  Furthermore, even if you are presently receiving Workers Compensation benefits, and everything appears to be running smoothly, it is still quite important to speak with an experienced workers comp attorney.  This is because there are a number of obscure areas of the Workers Comp Statute that are designed to enhance benefits to the injured worker.  Generally, insurance companies will not bring these sections up on their own.  You want someone to guide you to make sure that you are receiving the highest benefit possible under the circumstances.

At Troupe Law Office, we concentrate our practice in the area of workers’ compensation law in Massachusetts, and we have over 40 years of experience in this field. Our attorneys have lectured frequently on the wide range of topics that are often overlooked.  Call us any time for a free consultation of your case at (978) 531-7401. Or, visit our website at

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