What to do when your Employer is uncooperative following an injury at work?

What to do when your Employer is uncooperative following an injury at work?

You’ve been injured at work. Your doctor says you’re disabled from working. You need to file a claim for workers’ comp benefits, and you need certain information to do so. Unfortunately, your Employer is refusing to give you the information you need. Though the Massachusetts Workers’ Comp law requires information of this type to be readily available, some Employers simply ignore these requirements.

Or, say you’ve been injured at work, and your Employer has sent you to their clinic to begin treatment. Many Employers have a “preferred medical provider” that they work with. In situations like these, if an employee is injured, the Employer will often take steps to “steer” the employee towards their preferred clinic. They may assure the employee that this is the quickest way to get treatment, and that they won’t be responsible for out of pocket costs. However, the problem is that this provider has both the Employee’s, as well as the Employer’s interests in mind. As a result, many Employees soon learn, or soon suspect that their doctor is not 100% on their side.

Where there are others dictating the way things are handled during these early stages of a workers’ comp case, often times things gets mishandled, or mismanaged. And often time, the injured employee suffers as a result. Furthermore, fixing the damage caused during these initial periods becomes one more hurdle for the injured worker to overcome.

Situations like this, unfortunately, are increasingly common. To be fair, many Employers are quite cooperative. This makes things much easier. However, some are not, and this can make things quite difficult.

It is important to contact an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation law as soon as possible following a work injury. They can help guide you during these crucial early stages. Situations like the ones described above are unique and can occur in a countless number of different ways and manners. There are no concrete answers. What might the correct course of action involving one Employee or Employer, might be the wrong course of action involving different parties.

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