Attorney Adam Troupe Speaks at MCLE Seminar in Boston on the Issue of Chronic Pain

Every year, the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) hosts a one-day seminar focused on Workers’ Compensation Practice in Massachusetts.  The day is broken into several sessions focusing on relevant topics in Workers’ Compensation Practice, both in Massachusetts as well as on the national level.  For the second year, attorney Adam Troupe, of the Troupe Law Office, was asked to speak on a panel.

This year, he was part of the panel discussing the ongoing paradox of dealing with chronic pain.  Members of this panel included two Administrative Judges from the Department of Industrial Accidents (The Honorable Maureen McManus, and The Honorable Roger Lewenberg), one Administrative Law Judge from the DIA (The Honorable William Harpin), Diane Neelon, also from the DIA, as well as Attorney Edward Moriarty.  Guest speakers included a pain specialist, Dr. David DiBenedetto, MD.

Dr. DiBenedetto gave a general background about the physiology associated with chronic pain, as well as treatment plans, guidelines, and goals.  Attorney Adam Troupe then presented the considerations of the Employee’s attorney when dealing with cases involving chronic pain, with particular focus on the injured employee and how they may respond in these situations.  Attorney Moriarty addressed the Insurer’s point of view, and the Judges then expressed their concerns from a Judicial perspective.

Workers’ Compensation cases involving chronic pain are quite common.  Often, following a severe injury, one continues to suffer from daily pain for which they seek treatment. Quite often, treatment will consist solely of narcotic pain medications.  In a significant number of cases, this type of treatment works quite well.  However, in an equally significant number of cases, the injured worker can develop a dependence to these substances.  Situations such as these can have drastic results.

An insurance company’s approach to dealing with these issues can range from full cooperation to flat out refusing to pay for any further medications.  In situations where the injured employee has developed a dependance, this can result in an extremely stressful situation, as well as a several financial burden.

If you have been injured at work and are suffering from chronic pain, it is important that you seek an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.  An experienced attorney can provide proper guidance in these matters.

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